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Sometimes it happens naturally, and sometimes you have to work really hard at it.

Lora Lee started creating coin jewelry in 2011 for fun and it turned into a passion. There are just so many techniques and ways to create with not only coins but metal in general. She has been using salvaged copper and coins in her work, loving that she is not adding to the landfills or supporting large corporations and mining companies. She gets her copper from roofing jobs and electrical job sites. When someone remodels a home they strip out the old wiring and put in new. Lora Lee enjoys using the old wires and copper to create new and amazing things from jewelry to large sculptures.

Lora Lee has grown in her craft over the past five years and continues to learn and try new ideas and techniques on the metal. Her work continues to evolve and flow based on the inspiration of the moment. Today that is the mountains, tomorrow it may be the galaxy or cupcakes.❤ Customers can delight in the fact that the majority of the pieces she creates are one of a kind and totally handcrafted from her hands to yours.

If you would like to place a custom request, message her at loraleeartist@gmail.com


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The creation I am most proud of... would have to be Liwet. My copper/coin angel.
I spent a whole month hand crafting this life size sculpture. The wings are created from a salvaged copper gutter Wayne brought home to me (better than flowers any day). There are 46 feathers, 23 on each wing (The same number of chromosomes in the human body). They are 2 inches wide and 9 inches long. Each one was hand cut out of the flattened gutter. Folded in half, hammered, opened back up and hammered some more to create the feather texture. So every mark you see on the feathers is a hammer blow I put there. The bust is a paper mache bust that I made based off of my daughter who was 13 at the time. We stuff the bust full of paper and then covered the whole thing with pennies. It is sealed with a thin coat of resin. The wing span is over 4 ft across and it's over 2 ft tall. Right now I have it sitting on my book case, but it is also made so that it can hang on a wall. I named it Liwet after doing a search for Angel names. Liwet was the Angel of Innovation and creativity. I thought that was very fitting. :)


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