Welcome Raven Decee to the Studio. Mother & Daughter Teaming Up!
  • Basic Foldforming Class

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    Classes closed July 1st thru Sept 1st. It's too hot!

    Come learn hands on with LoraLee. 

    We'll create a feather or leaf, your choice using fold forming techniques.

    We will start by watching a demo of how I create a leaf/feather using copper sheet. I use salvaged copper gutter metal for this project. I will then walk each student step by step thru the process of creating their own leaf. You will go home with your work. It can be used as a pendant, hang from your car mirror, or used as small wall art. Your choice. Tools we'll be using...anvil, hammers, copper, vinegar, MAPP gas torch.

    Classes usually last 2-3 hours. Less if you catch on fast, more if we are both talkers. lol.

    Photos are just examples of what you can do with the knowledge from this class.

    I will provide all supplies needed for these classes.

    If you have long hair it will need to be securely tied back out of the way, no long sleeve loose clothing.

    All you have to do is show up, prepared to have fun, play with fire, get a little dirty and go home with knowledge of metalsmithing and your finished projects.

    These classes are for teens and up. Women only but I will make exceptions on a as needed basis. Sorry guys, I just prefer sharing my knowledge with the ladies. <3

    All classes must be paid for in advance. Nonrefundable.